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Nick Battley Publishing Services Ltd.

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Nick Battley Publishing Services Ltd.

Based in London, Nick Battley Publishing Services Ltd. provides comprehensive worldwide publishing logistics. Specifically, this commonly entails the preparation of brochures, factsheets and other company material from client-supplied data. The finished product may be in any format, from full-colour printed/bound documents to web-ready PDF files. Much of the company's output consists of providing fully-typeset documentation for, though not exclusively, the financial services sector.  As a result, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the production of high-quality tables, charts and diagrams. Drawing on many years of Nick's personal experience, top-quality designs are developed from clients' outline suggestions. As a further service, PowerPoint presentations can be constructed, with discrete animation if required.

Beyond the quality of the output, Nick Battley Publishing Services is renowned for operating to tight deadlines, with out-of-hours service, including weekends — something few mainstream graphic houses can offer.

Primarily Adobe

To achieve the highest level of quality, Nick Battley uses software from Adobe, particularly:

Adobe InDesign CC 2014
Adobe Illustrator CC2014
Adobe Photoshop CC2014
Adobe Acrobat  XI Pro
Adobe Muse CC2014 (used to construct this website)


Importantly, however, Nick Battley Publishing is a Windows-based operation, and thus fully conversant with the usual Microsoft Office products the majority of clients use, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


Nick Battley Publishing Services Ltd. is delighted to count the following among its list of valued clients:



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